Beautiful Reports

Our reports help are accurate to respond about your mail, if it has delivered or in case of bounced. And it gives you thorough information about how many people read your email and deleted your mail.


Responsive Email Templates

As the industry statistics specify that more than 50% of email services are utilized through mobile phones, a brand always desires and puts in the efforts to provide an optimal experience to its customers.

Thus, our responsive email template offers mobile friendly and easy accessible email templates. These email templates are created according to the mobile device system and support.

Create Easy Lists and Subscribes

The design and structure of the email can only be viable with easy lists of subscribers. Email SMS functions to update and maintain the lists of subscribers to save your time and ease your process of bulk mailing.

When the list of target audience is planned, sorted and organized, the process becomes fast. 


Effective Costs

To build an effective brand, it is pivotal to engage into an effective way to stay connected with your customers. EmailSMS proposes exclusive services at reasonable costs.

Invest on your networking to yield benefits for future. 


EmailSMS is designed and developed with a motive to solve errors while bulk business emails and SMS marketing for corporate and small scale organizations.

We believe in providing optimum solutions for error free business email marketing and SMS marketing.

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